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Old Pattu Saree Buyers in Chennai

OM Sairam Pattu Center is the best place to sell your old silk sarees for cash in Chennai. We are proud of being one of the best Old Pattu Saree Buyers in Chennai, having experience of more than 40+ years in this industry. We buy all types of damaged and old pattu saree like wedding silk sarees, Old Arani silk saree, Old Handloom silk saree, Old Mysore silk saree, Banaras Sarees, Old Pattu Veshti, Silk blouses, Khadi silk sarees, and much more pattu clothes for cash exchange. Like other silk saree buyers in Chennai, We don’t ask you to ship your silk products. Instead we directly come for doorstep and buy your product for right price with on spot cash facility.

Silk Saree Buyer in Chennai

Old Pattu Saree Buyers

Old Pattu Saree Buyers in Chennai

How we work

Contact Us

Give us a call or Enquire on WhatsApp about our availability. Provide the complete address for the place of pick up or you can also share your location on WhatsApp

Arrival for pickup

After providing the address our executive will arrive at your location within 12Hours. The person is completely vaccinated for your safety. Kindly keep ready your old silk sarees before arrival.

Testing Silk Quality

Our old pattu saree buyers will test the silk quality through a few methods for validating the correct cash for your silk product. We guarantee to give the best price for an old pattu saree in Chennai after making some quality checks

On Spot Cash

After validating the right price for your old silk saree or any other silk clothes. Our old silk saree buyers will give on the spot cash in your hands without any further delays. We are the best old pattu saree buyers in Chennai to get old silk sarees for cash.

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Second Hand Silk Saree Buyers in Chennai

Selling a silk saree can be a difficult task in Chennai, As you can get trapped to toxic buyers in the field. Instead, sell you second hand silk sarees to OM Sairam Buyers as they are the most trustable second hand pattu saree buyers in Chennai providing free pickup of sarees from your doorstep and also providing the best price for second hand pattu sarees in Chennai.

second hand silk saree buyers in chennai

Our Customer Reviews

OM Sairam Pattu center is the best buyer to sell your old pattu saree in Chennai. I have got Rs.12,000 by selling my wedding pattu pudavai. Mr. Sudhan was kind person and gave right price for my sarees.
Ashok Nagar
If you are searching for where to sell old silk sarees in Chennai, I will definitely recommend contacting OM Sairam old pattu saree buyer. Their salesperson was very decent and well mannered. They gave me the best cash for my old silk sarees and blouses.
Besant Nagar
I was searching for old pattu saree buyers in t Nagar for long days. Then I came to know about OM Sairam Pattu Center and sold my sarees worth Rs.40,000 for a good price to them. I would also everyone around T Nagar to sell pattu sarees to them.
T Nagar
At last, I found the best old pattu saree buyers near me. I was residing in Anna Nagar, for many days I was searching for an honest old pattu saree buyers in anna nagar Then contacted OM Sairam pattu center, They gave the right price for my old silk dhotis.
Subu Raj
Anna Nagar

Old Silk Saree Buyers

Why to choose OM Sairam Pattu Center

  • 40+ Years of Trust

    For more than 40 years, OM Sairam Pattu Center has been the best place to sell the old pattu sarees for right price.

  • Accurate Price

    According to the quality of the silk, We provide the most accurate price from Rs.500 to Rs.50 Thousand at single payment.

  • Sell Within 24 Hours

    We are the only old pattu saree buyers in Chennai to sell your old saree within 24 Hours. Our 100% express fast product pickup and on the spot cash is the best reason to choose us.

  • Payment on Spot

    Likewise other old pattu saree buyers we don't take your saree through courier or package. We respect your product and only give doorstep services. So you can give your silk products to us after getting the payment.

Our Customer Stories

Arulnathan Customer stories

I Arulnathan from T Nagar,  We are natives from Trichy. One day I found some old silk sarees in my storeroom which were in a very bad condition and torn so I decided to throw the sarees in the garbage but my mom remembered that these sarees are bought for a higher price in 1996, So she suggested me to search for some old pattu saree buyers in Chennai and sell the used silk saree to them.

I searched for many buyers around T Nagar but none were interested to buy the saree as it was in a very bad condition at last I came to know about OM Sairam Pattu Center and sent the saree images through WhatsApp.

They responded quickly within 15 minutes and offered to buy the torn sarees. Next-Day they came to my address and picked up the saree at a very good rate, Literally, I was surprised by the price given by them. Then I understood Old is Gold!!


T Nagar

Indian Woman

I am thankful to this OM Sairam Pattu Center as they are the only buyers who had helped me in a very critical situation. It was on the 14th of November 2021, I was in urgent need of money to settle my debts but I don't have enough gold jewellery to get a cash exchange from a pawnbroker so I decided to sell my used silk sarees to the second-hand silk saree buyers.

Unfortunately, that was a tragic day because there was nearly 100cm of rain pouring out and no sellers were ready to come for a pickup but Mr Sudhan from OM Sairam Pattu Center came to Anna Nagar in heavy rain and gave on the spot cash for my set of silk sarees.

I also cleared my debts enough within the day. Surely I can say that OM Sairam Pattu Center is the best old pattu saree buyers and they understand the customer's pain points and help them out.


Anna Nagar

Old Pattu Saree Buyers in Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

Used silk sarees can be taking more space in your cupboards. So you can sell your old pattu pudavai without losing its value by selling it at the right price to the best old pattu saree buyers in Chennai – Om Sairam Pattu Center.

We are available any time between morning 9.00 AM to evening 8.00 PM. But, If any urgent service is needed we can provide it by early appointments.

It depends upon the quality of the pattu saree. We provide the most accurate price for your silk saree depending on various parameters. 

Generally, Pure Kanchipuram silk saree and Pure Banarasi Saree can get higher selling prices due to their demand and value of silk. Even Mysore silk, Handloom Silk sarees and Old society silk sarees can yield good prices for you.

Usually OM Sairam Pattu Center gives you the best price than the other Old Pattu Saree buyers in Chennai. But, If you are not satisfied with the proposed selling price you can reject the deal and we do not charge any money for appointment

No, We only fix physical appointments and will give you spot cash for your product in your hands. So there is no need to give your saree before getting payment.

Exchange old silk sarees Chennai with OM Sairam Pattu Center. Old Pattu Sarees are given the best value in the market and will be as gold as long its there. Though many old pattu saree buyers are available in town, We are the only buyers to give on the spot cash for your product.

Kanchipuram Sarees are very old and famous sarees. Other than Kanchipuram Pattu, There are other few sarees like Mysore Sarees and Banarasi silk sarees.

Service Areas

  • T Nagar
  • Anna Nagar
  • Mylapore
  • Velachery
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Royapuram
  • Parris
  • Adyar
  • Kanchipuram
  • Thiruvalur 
  • Pondicherry
  • Chengalpattu & Nearby Areas
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