Second Hand Zari Saree Buyers in Chennai

We can hear you! You are looking for some best old zari silk saree buyers in Chennai, Yes we can help you out. We buy all types of silk zari sarees including Zari Kota Saree, Silk Zari Sari, Chiffon Zari Saree, Bridal Zari sarees and much more for the best price in Chennai. In returns, we provide free pick up within 24 hours.

second hand zari saree buyers in chennai

Old Silk Zari Saree Buyers in Chennai

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Do not worry about your information, All information recorded through this site is only for our communication purpose. We value your sarees and the emotion with the cost behind them. We provide the best price in Chennai for second-hand zari sarees. Our team makes sure your information are kept confidential and will not make disturbing calls often.

Old Silk Zari Saree buyers in Chennai

Best Second Hand Zari Saree Buyers

Buying zari sarees can be very special because of the elegance and beauty of the saree with copper threadings, saree colour and silk formations. So selling them should be with the best person right? OM Sairam Pattu Center is the best old silk saree buyers in Chennai servicing more than 45 years from various parts of Tamilnadu.

Old Silk Sarees for Cash & Silver

Not only limited to cash, but we can also provide new silver & Plastic utensils in the same worth of second-hand zari sarees you gave for exchange. Why waiting still? Contact us and sell your old pattu zari. If you plan to buy some useful things for your lovely house, This could be a better chance of exchanging your used and old sarees. OM Sairam Pattu centre is the best old zari sarees buyers in Chennai.

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Customer Reviews - "Best Old silk zari sarees buyer"

After a long search, I was able to find Mr Sudhan on the internet, First I called them and told them about the sarees in torn condition at home due to some rats. He realized the seriousness and accepted to buy the super-worth sarees. Within 1 hour he arrived at my location and picked up that torn silk sarees. Now I can easily say that he is one of the best second hand saree buyers in chennai without any second toughts.

Old zari buyers in Tnagar

Am around T Nagar and was looking for some second hand zari saree buyers in T Nagar. I called OM Sairam Buyers and with a kind response he picked up my sarees quickly. I bought some silver pathirams with exchange for old zari sarees and they silver items were very good. Special thanks to them for the quick response and pickup. The prices given for the sarees are also very good and honest!

Old silk zari sarees buyer in anna nagar
T Nagar

My family was packing things to shift house to another area, But I had some clothes of my wife and mother keeping so much space in the cupboard. So decided to sell the sarees and was in search of old saree buyers near me. Called the OM buyers. They came for pickup in such heavy rain without any hesitation whereas other buyers refused to come for a pickup. Will surely sell other sarees from my home in future.

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Anna Nagar
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